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Fitness On Demand

I want all women to feel stronger,
fitter, happier and healthier. And we
can achieve all this from the comfort
of our own living rooms!

Welcome to Fitness on Demand!


This is unlimited, flexible and effective fitness at your fingertips.


Select from a daily, weekly or monthly pass and join me for unlimited online classes. 


Can't make it live? Don't worry! You get full access to the On Demand library, where there are lots of workouts ready and waiting for you!


And with new classes added every week, there is so much content to choose from. No matter how short on time you are, there will be a workout that fits!


Get your first week for just £5!

This really is fitness that fits around you!

Image by Boxed Water Is Better

Full Body HIIT
(30/45 mins)

Bodyweight only

I've got two HIIT classes to suit everyone; one high and one low impact. Whether you want to jump around and let off some steam or keep things more grounded, both classes will work up a sweat!

Image by Sergio Pedemonte

Lower Body Strength 
(30 mins)


Our lower body consists of the biggest muscle groups in our bodies and it's important they're strong! A strong lower body improves our endurance, agility, balance, mobility and every day quality of life! So get ready to squat!


Full Body Strength
(45 mins)


Working all major muscles groups, this class is all about getting strong and feeling empowered! Ideal for everyone, there's a Beginner's class to introduce you to resistance-based training and one suited for the more experienced trainer.

Image by Olivia Bauso

Upper Body & Core Strength 
(30 mins)


Maintaining upper body strength is important for postural balance and performing everyday activities, such as pushing, pulling, reaching and lifting. So grab your dumbbells and let's get strong!


“Emma is absolutely brilliant… The early morning Full Body Strength classes make you feel so much better afterwards and the variation in exercises is just so much more than you could ever get from the gym!”

Suzi, Surrey

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