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About me


I’m Emma, a Mum and Personal Trainer based in Surrey. I have had my own journey with fitness over the past 15 years, culminating in me leaving the Corporate world and building a business dedicated to helping women build long-lasting Body Confidence.

Along the way I have experienced it all; from doing no exercise at all and having little knowledge of nutrition, all the way through to restrictive calorie counting and excessive cardio. And everything in between! 


Wherever on this spectrum you are, I understand and I can help. 


Through my own learning, experience and working with knowledgeable coaches who have helped me, I found a balance that worked and made me truly happy. 


And now it’s my turn to help you create sustainable habits that make you feel great and give you your confidence back.


“True body confidence starts on
the inside”

My story

We all want to feel good in our own skin. We want to move better, feel strong and live well! And sometimes, when the chaos of everyday life takes over, we just need a little help to show us how.


I spent many years flitting between yo-yo diets and a stop-start exercise regime that got me nowhere. And, slowly, it chipped away at my confidence. 


It all changed when I discovered strength training. I finally found something that I loved to do and no longer was I focused on the scales, but on getting stronger.


And yes, my body changed, but more importantly so did my mindset. For the first time I felt strong and I was confident in my own skin. 


12 years and two children later, I’m still here doing the same habits I created all those years ago. And I have never felt happier or more confident in my own body.


And I want to show you how to achieve your goals, whilst living a life of balance and enjoyment. You just need to know where to start and that’s what I’m here for.


My passion

I am dedicated to helping women feel their best! Because I want every woman to be confident in their own skin.


I want to show you that exercise shouldn’t be about punishment and eating well isn’t about restriction. 


You don’t need to overhaul your life or make radical changes in order to achieve your goals. It’s the small daily actions that provide long lasting change. And yes, these don’t happen overnight and they do take time and commitment, but they’re sustainable and they work.


I’m here to show you how, with all the support, encouragement and cheerleading you need!

My qualifications

BSc Psychology 

L3 Personal Training

L3 Pre and Postnatal

Third Age Woman (Burrell Education) - currently studying

Precision Nutrition Level 1 - currently studying

TRX Training 

Emergency First Aid for Sports

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